Letter: Bryan acts like “common thug”

Letter: Bryan acts like “common thug”

Michael Morgante
St Augustine, FL

Dear Editor:

No Republican would vote for Ken Bryan.

Ken Bryan acts like a common thug.

He attacked a citizen during a town hall meeting and should have been arrested on the spot.

Ken Bryan has not been honest.

He lied about being a conservative, changing to the Republican Party only days after defeat as a Democrat. Then his campaign told other Democrats to lie so that they could vote for him in a Republican Primary.

Ken Bryan tried to convince a federal judge to keep convicted felon Tom Manuel out of prison. Bryan told Democrats before Manuel was arrested, “We expect, whether I’m elected or not, to take control of the county”.

Ken Bryan has shown poor judgment, aggressive behavior, made dishonest representations to St Johns County taxpayers about his conservatism, made recorded statements calling his motives into question and then asked for his political cohort to go free after being caught on tape taking bribes to influence St John County business.

Please say NO to Ken Bryan.

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