Letter: City botches Taberna closing


Letter: City botches Taberna closing

Alex D’Agnillo Jr.
St Augustine, FL

A large number of re-enactors and people that enjoyed the Taberna at the Spanish Quarter over the last few years were planning to get together Saturday night as a “going away” party because this weekend was supposedly their last.

Now understand, the Taberna actually made money for the City that is why they kept it and the gift shop open after closing the rest of the Quarter.

August 17, the word goes out that the Taberna closed as of Friday morning.

Besides the people that work there, losing three days of pay and tips, the City misses the revenue that would have been generated by a packed house, for some reason that no one knows.

Is this the height of stupidity on the City’s part or what? Do not generate needed revenue because someone does not like the re-enactors hanging out and spending money there.

I can guarantee that all the money the City could have pocketed will be spent in other places like Ann O’Malley’s and some of the other venues in the area. I mean people where planning on coming in from out of town and getting motel rooms, going to dinner in town, etc.

Most of the out of town people will probably stay home, and the City again pisses away revenue from people that wanted to spend their money here.


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