Letter: Contest vote helps local non-profit

Letter: Contest vote helps local non-profit

Bill Jones
St Augustine Beach, FL

Dear Editor:

On Thursday August 16, Artbreakers, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping local cancer patients since 2007, will become a finalist in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good competition and we need your vote.

Artbreakers was named a finalist after over 10,000 nonprofits submitted applications and plans for the 2013 Toyota they might win.

“A car that we could use to help transport cancer patients to things like lab tests and chemo treatments would be a Godsend,” Artbreakers founder, Pier Fitts, said about the announcement. “We are so grateful for our volunteers who currently are putting miles, wear and tear on their cars.”

During this one-day event next week, Artbreakers faces four other non-profits for a chance to win a 2013 Toyota. The second-place winner receives $1000 dollars.

YOU CAN VOTE FOR ARTBREAKERS at www.100carsforgood.com

You can only vote one time from your computer; however, votes can come from anywhere in the world.

Artbreakers was founded in 2007. Artbreakers is a volunteer organization that assists uninsured or underserved cancer patients. We help people with any type of cancer.

Artbreakers is proud to note that last year nearly 90% of every dollar we took in went to patient assistance – our administrative costs are minimal.

Detailed information is available at www.artbreakers.org

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