Letter: Public supports Big Red Sign


Letter: Public supports Big Red Sign

Lance Thate
St Augustine, FL

The public continues to show support with thumbs up, applause, salutes and, sometimes, all of these ways of showing their approval — including today’s, “We agree”.

The public would see the sign and then, as they passed, they would say, either “I agree”, or “We agree”. It was almost as if they had been scripted.

This is not the first time the Town Crier Committee of the St Augustine Tea Party have experienced a united response for their message.

About two months ago, the Town Criers started carrying the “Big Red Sign” and enthusiastic approval was received from the start. The acceptance continues to grow.

If the population in the historic district of St Augustine were fixed, the Town Criers could take credit for the expanding consent. The tourist population is not fixed; the people present each week are always new and different.

So, one would have to conclude that agreement with the idea that Obama is a Communist is growing across the Country and the Town Criers are experiencing something that is outside of its activities.

Perhaps the Obama’s Roanoke quote, “If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen” shows Obama’s collectivist vision and therefore the growing acceptance of the “Big Red Sign”.


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