Letter: St Augustine Record reporter is the bully

Letter: St Augustine Record reporter is the bully

Denny Dean
St Augustine Beach

Peter Guinta’s opinions are getting in the way of his judgment, again.

I have no control over my neighbors or their actions and I have never condoned threatening or aggressive behavior.

It was you that brought up how rock salt would solve the problem? Really? I told you clearly that is not my style, and I would do things ethically and legally.

You are just as bad trying to paint me with the same brush as the others because I spoke out against this unwanted intrusion to our neighborhood. This is exactly why people do not want to get involved — because the left-leaning media will persecute them on the front page if their agenda is challenged.

I have never threatened, harassed or done anything to harm the garden or its members other than presenting the facts to our negligent city.

In addition, the project has not stopped. Both sides agreed to have the club finish its season, and relocate in about 6 months.

I also had come to the table with compromises to share the area on numerous occasions only to be met with a rigid “that doesn’t work for us” reply. If you had done your homework, you would know that.

Why don’t you try slandering someone else, maybe the lawyer that lives across the street would be a good place to start?

You say you don’t like bullies, but you are the worst offender. You are lying and distorting the truth, using your professional platform as a weapon. All you are doing is fueling the fire and misrepresenting an already unfortunate situation.

You may think you are smearing me, but actually, I have lived here for over 20 years and have many friends that know my character and realize that you and The Record do not report objectively.

Ever wonder why subscriptions are down. Take a look in the mirror Mr. Guinta, you are further dividing a community that is trying to heal. Yes shame on you!


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