Letter: St Johns County deserves better


Letter: St Johns County deserves better

Rachael L. Bennett
St Augustine Beach, FL

Over the past 8 months, I have had the pleasure to meet so many wonderful residents of St Johns County; from the many small business owners to the many families that make this county great, it has been a pleasure.

Four years ago, Ken Bryan ran on a “no new growth” platform that has hurt the county in numerous ways. Bryan, the incumbent, voted to raise taxes and recently stated, “I am not sorry I did, and I would do it again.”

We know St Johns County deserves better than this.

I believe county residents shoulder an unfair and unbalanced ad valorem tax burden that cannot be lifted with the incumbent still in office. We must have more office, commercial, technology-based, and clean industry in St Johns County. The current commissioner, Ken Bryan, is a lifelong government worker with no understanding of the modern business environment.

The business community agrees with me and they have honored me with their support.

My experience, ethics, vision, and abilities make me the best candidate to lead us in a direction where our diverse cultural opportunities and fabulous education system can flourish; while retaining a high standard of living.

I have enjoyed the long road it has taken to get to Election Day and I thank each of you for your support along the way. As your commissioner, you will find my door always open. I will always be available to hear your thoughts and concerns.

Thank you, and God bless.