Life of Victor Ostrowidzki celebrated

The life of Victor Ostrowidzki will be honored in a special ceremony being held at Flagler College; where the veteran journalist, who served as a White House reporter during the Reagan administration, was director of the Forum on Government and Public Policy and a longtime professor before his death earlier this year.

The ceremony will take place in the Virginia Room of the Ringhaver Student Center located at 50 Sevilla Street in St Augustine with a reception immediately to follow in Markland House located at 102 King Street on October 10 from 4:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Ostrowidzki, who lived to be 80-years-old, reported on health-care issues during the Clinton administration; and, he reported on every presidential election from 1964-1988. His life ended on April 7 while he was battling melanoma.

He joined the faculty of Flagler College in 1997, and went on to found the Forum on Government and Public Policy, which brings in journalists and other experts to speak about current issues. Among Ostrowidzki’s guests on the forum were Robert Novak, David Broder, Joe Klein, Anne Coulter, Pat Buchanan and Chris Matthews.

Ostrowidzki taught Campaigns and Elections for the Humanities department and Media Power in Politics for Communication.

Among the confirmed speakers are Doctor Keith Justice, current Forum director Jim Toedtman, associate professor Arthur Vanden Houten and College president William T. Abare. Jr.

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