Mailbox vandal attacks deputy – lands in jail

Last night at about 7:00 pm, the investigation of a damaged mailbox quickly escalated to a multiple-felony arrest by sheriff’s deputies who were forced to fight an apparently intoxicated probationer who became belligerent and then combative before he was restrained and taken to jail.

Deputy Shawn Emert and Deputy Thomas Evans were called to a trailer at 2895 Hilltop Road to question two men that witnesses say were responsible for vandalizing a neighbor’s mailbox.

When the deputies arrived at the trailer, they were met by 29 year-old Christopher Matthew Raab; a kitchen worker at a local restaurant. According to the incident report filed last night, Raab appeared to have been drinking. He told the deputies that he was on probation for passing a forged check.

When informed that the deputies were there to investigate the vandalized mailbox, Raab became belligerent. For their safety, Emert reported that the deputies placed Raab in handcuffs then escorted him outside for further questioning.

While walking to Hilltop Road, Emert says Raab pulled away from him then attempted to kick his leg. Emert took Raab to the ground and Raab continued to resist, the report says.

Emert pulled Raab off the ground and placed him on the trunk of his patrol car so that he could be frisk-searched. At that moment, Emert reported that Raab “grabbed my groin and forcefully began to twist his hands”. Emert delivered a closed-hand strike to Raab’s head; then disengaged.

With assistance from Deputy Thomas Evans, Emert placed Raab in the rear of his patrol vehicle. Raab was reportedly yelling profanities. Raab repeatedly kicked the driver-side window. Deputy Todd Boger arrived on the scene and assisted Emert and Evans in removing Raab from the patrol car. Still in handcuffs, Raab seized Deputy Boger by the hand and refused commands to release him. After breaking free, the deputies applied a leg restraint to prevent further kicking.

When Raab was returned to the rear of Emert’s patrol vehicle, he made repeated threats to “kill my family”, Emert reported. Raab stated, “I’m going to ass rape your wife and kids, mother fucker”.

Raab was transported to the St Johns County Detention Facility where he remains in custody this evening, without bond, charged with violation of probation. In lieu of $17,000 bond; Raab is being held on criminal mischief charges, resisting an officer, assault on an officer, and two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer.

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