Man in protective custody after torturing kittens

Historic City News has learned that a 28 year-old Palm Coast man was taken into protective custody after Volusia Support Services reported to Flagler County deputies that he abused, tortured and killed several kittens that belonged to roommates in the home where he was living.

On May 20th, a caseworker informed the Sheriff’s Office that Angel Vega Roman, who was residing on Burton Place in Palm Coast, admitted to him that he “accidentally choked a kitten a couple of weeks ago”. Roman also told the caseworker that he “bit the lips off” one of the kittens and “burnt its ear and whiskers with a lighter”.

Sheriff’s Records Department employee Darlene Weis reported to Historic City News that the Volusia Support Services caseworker advised the responding deputy that Roman suffers from several mental illnesses.

Ydaliz Suarez and Edward Veras, the owners of the kittens who rented a room to Roman, told authorities that they were not harming the kittens — and did not realize that Roman was.

When the owners were out of town, and Roman was alone with the kittens, Roman called them and asked if he could give two away to someone who wanted them. One of the owners said they gave him permission. These two kittens are un-accounted for at this time.

A couple of days later, a dead kitten was discovered in the residence. The owners believed the kitten died from natural causes.

On May 18th, Suarez noticed that a black and white kitten appeared to be injured. She thought it was possibly from one of the other kittens. The animal’s condition continued to worsen.

The owners confronted Roman about the injuries to the kittens; they stated that Roman admitted to them that he had choked the dead kitten that was found a couple of weeks ago. He also told them that he bit and burned the black and white cat. Roman confessed to them that he burned the whiskers of the other cats in the residence, according to the incident report.

The severely injured kitten was removed from the residence and examined by a veterinarian at Banfield Hospital in Palm Coast on the morning of May 21.

The veterinarian documented that the injuries to the car were consistent with those described in the witness statements. There were wounds to the ears, head, lips, and its whiskers were burnt. The expenses for care to date are over $300.00.

Saturday afternoon, after the observation period, Roman was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals. His bond has been set at $100,000.


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