Man who struck bicyclist had suspended license

An 83-year-old Ponte Vedra Beach man is in custody today in lieu of $21,000 bail after Historic City News reporters learned that he struck and seriously injured a bicyclist in the 300 block of Ponte Vedra Boulevard last night.

The victim, 37-year-old Jennifer Fulton of Jacksonville, was transported to Baptist Beaches Hospital with serious, but non-life threatening, injuries according to information received from Corporal Catherine Payne with the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

The driver of the 1971 Mercedes convertible that struck Fulton has been down this road before; literally. McCondichie, who resides at 61 Ponte Vedra Boulevard, is also reported to be a habitual offender.

He has been charged with driving with an open container of alcohol in his vehicle, driving under the influence of alcohol resulting in a collision with property damage and serious injury, habitual driving with a suspended license, and driving with a suspended license resulting in a collision with serious injury.

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