Mayor and Vice Mayor may run unopposed


Qualifying for election to hold seats on the City of St Augustine Commission does not close until noon tomorrow — but, with just 24 hours left, two local attorneys, Mayor Joseph L. Boles, Jr., and Vice Mayor Leanna S. A. Freeman, have no opposition for re-election.

The mayor, if re-elected, will serve for two more years and earns $19,691.92 each year. The vice mayor, if re-elected, will serve for four more years and earns $14,768.94 each year; the same as the other commissioners.

One political pundit in town observed that this could be interpreted as both a glowing recommendation and vote of confidence for the city’s top two elected officials — or a depressing statement on the willingness of citizens to serve in public office.

City Commissioner and former vice-mayor Errol D. Jones, previously announced that he would seek re-election — although he will have to qualify before noon tomorrow if he wants run. Three others have announced and qualified to appear on the ballot in August.


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