McClure may replace Miner early


With former commissioner Mark Miner officially out-of-office, on leave by the governor since August 10, 2012, Historic City News has learned that it is possible that a request by the county administrator may expedite the commencement of commissioner-elect Bill McClure’s term in office.

In a letter from Michael D. Wanchick on Friday, the county administrator requested appointment of McClure as “interim county commissioner” until his term officially begins on November 20.

“As County Administrator, I believe the appointment of Commissioner-Elect McClure would facilitate the mission of the County to ensure the public health, safety and welfare of St Johns County residents and property owners,” Wanchick said.

Wanchick wrote that the St Johns County Board of County Commissioners would be “deciding significant countywide issues”, namely approving the 2013 Fiscal Year Budget, between now and then.

Last week, Historic City News editor Michael Gold also wrote to Governor Scott asking for the same appointment; as did other businessmen in St Augustine who say they are concerned that we could have a replay of last year’s millage increase without a thorough vetting of spending and purchasing practices that were advocated by McClure during his campaign.


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