McClure: Thanks for your vote of confidence

McClure: Thanks for your vote of confidence

Bill McClure
St Augustine, FL

Dear St Johns County voters:

I would like to thank John Ruggeri and Ray Quinn for dedicating their time and effort to the people of this county. They are both great men whom I respect and admire.

I would also like to thank the all of the volunteers and supporters in my campaign, as all of this would not be possible without you.

Many of you who read this may not know the details of my campaign, but I think it is important to relay them to you.

1.) I support LOCAL BUSINESSES! My campaign expenditures was spent on items ONLY from LOCAL businesses. My signs may have not been the prettiest, but they were built by people who live, work, and play here. I am for Economic Development, but one of the best ways to help grow jobs, is to promote OUR businesses before sending money elsewhere. This is no different than the outsourcing of jobs at the national level.

2.) I support a transparent government. I will fight hard to have night meetings, and maybe even have meetings in your area! (Ponte Vedra, Julington Creek/Fruit Cove/Switzerland, Lincolnville, Crescent Beach, Nocatee/Palencia, Hastings, and more!) More importantly, your voice will be heard. It is your right.

3.) I support a government that lives within its means. We have the #1 school system, and it attracts families wanting to live here every day. Our Tourism is up and people love Saint Augustine and the beaches, and some purchase second homes and condos here. This means we are blessed. We have one of the highest budgets in the state for our population. We can utilize this to expand our lead as, I think, “One of the best places to live in America.”

There are other areas, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Again, thank you for your support.

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