Meet the candidates before you vote

Chamber spokesman, Beau Phillips, confirmed with Historic City News the participant candidates for public office in St Johns County who will be part of Politics in St Johns, tomorrow, July 19, at Francis Field on West Castillo Drive in St Augustine.

“Nearly 30 aspiring candidates seeking local, state, and federal offices along with hundreds of guests have pre-registered to attend tomorrow’s event,” Phillips told reporters.

This event is open to the public. Admission tickets ($10 each) are required for entry, and allow you to cast a vote in the straw poll being held during the political function.

List of Candidates Registered to Attend

United States Congress– District 6
Richard Clark
Fred Costello
William Billy Kogut
Craig Miller
Beverly Slough

State Attorney
R.J. Larizza
Stasia Warren

State Senate
John Thrasher

State Representative– District 17
Mike Davis
Ronald “Doc”Renuart

State Representative– District 24
Travis Hutson

County Commission –District 1
Brian Iannucci
Cyndi Stevenson

County Commission –District 3
William A. McClure
Ray A. Quinn

County Commission –District 5
Rachael L. Bennett
Randy Brunson
Joseph Ken bryan

School Board Member– District 2
Tommy Allen
Ronald L. Stafford

School Board Member– District 5
Patrick Canan
Tom Rivers

City of St. Augustine Commission – Seat 1
Errol Jones
Deltra Long
Bruce Maguire

Anastasia Mosquito Control– Seat 1
Vivian Browning

Anastasia Mosquito Control– Seat 5
Garry H. Howell

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