Mica succeeds in keeping training center in Flagler

The Federal Aviation Administration training center in Palm Coast will remain in Flagler County and continue to be a vital part of the local economy while FAA officials reevaluate a plan to move the facility, Congressman John Mica reported to Historic City News today.

Mica had language included in the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 that will allow Palm Coast “to fairly compete” to win a new contract for the facility as contracts come up for renewal.

“The FAA’s training facility will remain in Palm Coast for the foreseeable future, and due to language included in the new FAA law I introduced in the House, Palm Coast will always have a fair shot at future contracts,” Mica said. “In addition, FAA officials informed us this morning that the agency will continue to operate the facility in Palm Coast while officials reconsider their training needs and budgetary realities.”

Senator Bill Nelson joined with Mica in January wrote to the FAA questioning the need to relocate the center. Nelson commented on today’s news saying, “These days, any news about keeping jobs is welcome news. Hopefully, the facility will stay in Palm Coast.”

The FAA was considering moving the facility without offering Palm Coast the opportunity to compete to retain the training contract.

With the passage of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, including parameters in the law by Mica, the FAA is abandoning its effort to move the facility in the near future.

As agency officials reevaluate the training needs and budgetary constraints, they will be required to consider all appropriate bidders.

“This paves the way for Palm Coast to fairly compete against other locations the FAA might consider” Mica added. “Given the ideal location of the facility and professionalism of the employees at Palm Coast, I am confident Palm Coast will have the edge in any future bids.”

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