Miner takes second leave of office

At the tender age of 25 years-old, St Johns County commissioner Mark Partridge Miner, armed with a political campaign war chest of $63,582, defeated a commissioner who many felt was too arrogant, unstable, and unfit to serve a second term.

Having just turned 29 two months ago, Miner has already announced that he, too, will be a “one-term” commissioner and will not seek a second term.

But, to quite a few St Johns County residents who voted for Miner, they feel “cheated” by the young man who fanatically waives his patriotism around as if he were the only person who loves his country.

Three local WWII veterans and a retired Florida National Guard colonel say Miner betrayed his oath to St Johns County residents when, only one year after taking office, he left his elected office for a full year and deployed to Iraq in January 2010.

At the time, Governor Charlie Crist deferred to Miner’s request to appoint retired Sergeant Major Ray Quinn to act as substitute commissioner in his absence. Since the former governor left the Republican party, Miner no longer has any use for him. Quinn dutifully stepped down after Miner popped back in; after his one-year hiatus and accepting a promotion in military rank for his trouble.

Today comes the news that Miner has done it, again.

Miner will shirk his responsibilities as a county commissioner; despite the fact that he serves as its youngest chairman. According to an announcement from the county’s communication manager, Miner, who county taxpayers give $65,703 a year for his service, is taking another “leave of absence” to attend Warrant Officer Flight Training as a member of the Army National Guard.

Again, Miner is asking Ray Quinn to carry his water for him as Miner leaves in a few weeks to advance his own military career. Miner is asking St Johns County voters to elect Quinn as his successor. Ben Rich and then Mark Miner. What a disturbing and disappointing eight years for District 3.

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