Morris takes steps to execute Slavin judgment

Arguing that the declining quality of the St Augustine Record was the direct result of Morris family mismanagement, Judith Seraphin and Ed Slavin tried repeatedly to intervene in the confirmation of bankruptcy proceedings of Morris Publishing Group, LLC in federal court.

US District Judge J. Randal Hall confirmed the Bankruptcy Court judge’s prior ruling that Ed Slavin and Judith Seraphin “had no legal right to try to shoehorn their grievances against The Record into the bankruptcy relief petitions that Morris Publishing Group filed in January 2010.”

Seraphin is President of Global Wrap LLC on Riberia Street and is an “outspoken troublemaker” in the eyes of those with whom she has political and philosophical differences. However, despite her litigious personality, and threats of legal action just below the surface of most of her arguments, she is not a lawyer; a fact that spared her a civil penalty for her interference in the Morris Publishing bankruptcy.

Slavin was not so fortunate. In the court’s eyes, even though he is no longer an attorney, having lost his license to practice and having been disbarred by the Tennessee Supreme Court, the judge ruled that Slavin should have known better “than to inappropriately inject himself into these proceedings.”

In a fifteen-page order signed by US District Judge Honorable J. Randal Hall, the Court iterates paragraph after paragraph of inappropriate behavior by Slavin — amounting to the “filing of a frivolous appeal”. Judge Hall concluded that damages and costs would be levied against Slavin. A judgment was awarded on March 28, 2011.

The attorneys for Morris presented a bill to the court for $59,772; the amount they claim Slavin and Seraphin damaged their clients. Slavin responded in May 2011. He asked the Court to vacate the judgment, deny Morris Publishing the right to recover the legal expenses, allow unnamed “civil rights groups” to file briefs in the matter and to allow Slavin 60 days to file counterclaims. Further, he asked that the US Trustee be ordered to investigate alleged abuse of the Court by Morris and to order Morris to show why they should not be sanctioned.

Morris was not dissuaded — in fact, on April 16, 2012, the US District Court for the Southern District of Georgia, awarded judgment against Slavin for $11,784.56. On Wednesday of last week, Morris Publishing Group, LLC domesticated the foreign judgment by recording a “certification of judgment” with the Clerk of St Johns County Circuit Court; signaling their intention to execute the judgment against Slavin.

Since Slavin is employed by Seraphin, she may again become a party to the action; should Morris decide to garnish Slavin’s wages.

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