Motorcyclist suffers critical injuries in crash

This morning, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Neil P Mariotti informed local Historic City News reporters that a St Augustine resident, driving her motorcycle north on US-1, was struck by an 80 year-old woman driving a 2006 Honda CRV; sending her to Orange Park Medical Center with critical injuries.

Victoria Marie Benoit was headed north on US-1 at about 9:20 a.m. this morning, operating her 2012 Honda CBR-600 in the inside lane of traffic.

Arlene Kline, also of St Augustine, was stopped on Andora Street, at the intersection of US-1. She pulled out onto the highway, crossing through the outside lane, into the inside lane; colliding with the 22 year-old Benoit.

Emergency medical personnel at the scene stabilized Benoit, and, due to the severity of her injuries, transported her by air to the trauma center at Orange Park Medical Center.

According to Mariotti’s report, alcohol was not a factor in the collision, the operator of the passenger vehicle was wearing her seatbelt at the time of the crash.

The motorcycle sustained about $5,000 in damages and the CRV sustained about $3,000. The operator of the CRV was issued a citation for violation of right-of-way.

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