Motorist warnings during severe weather

Florida Highway Patrol Captain Nancy Rasmussen advised Historic City News readers to be cautious before hitting the road and to follow safety tips that can save lives as Tropical Storm Isaac moves toward Florida.

“Motorists are advised to monitor the progress of Isaac and listen for any bulletins from county emergency management centers,” Rasmussen told reporters. “Florida drivers can call 511 on their cell phone for severe weather and travel delays on interstates and major highways.”

• Stay put. – Avoid driving in heavy storms, and stay in a safe place after the storm. Be prepared to remain where you are for an extended period. Often, injuries and deaths occur in the aftermath of storms. Sightseers impeding roadways cause obstacles for emergency personnel responding to those in need.

• Slow down. – Roadways remain slick after storm so if you have to drive, decrease your speed to avoid hydroplaning.

• Be cautious of high winds. – Windy conditions adversely affect all vehicles, particularly high profile vehicles, such as buses and trucks, as well as motorcycles. Gusty wind makes driving difficult, especially when it is rapidly changing speed and direction.

• Pay attention. – You may come up on an intersection that is no longer controlled by a traffic control device. If a law enforcement officer is directing traffic, follow his directions. Otherwise, treat the intersection as you would treat an intersection governed by a four-way Stop sign.

For real-time traffic and road condition reports, as well as maps and additional safety tips, FHP encourages motorists to visit their website at or visit for up-to-the-minute updates on traffic congestion, road construction and lane closures.

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