Naked driver said world coming to an end

Historic City News reporters in St Augustine have received more details on yesterday’s bizarre two-car crash on the Bridge of Lions that had traffic re-routed for two hours during evening drive time.

Gregory John Jarousek was driving a small pickup truck was crossing the bridge at the time it was readying to be opened for boat traffic. As is the protocol, lights were lit and gate arms lowered, as well as metal gates being drawn closed.

The 39-year-old man, who resides on Ocean Shore Boulevard in Flagler Beach, attempted to beat the draw; he crossed into the eastbound lane, ramming all four closed guard gates.

The driver shot across the draw and through two additional metal arms; continuing another 575-feet, striking another eastbound vehicle before rolling onto its side, coming to rest in the westbound lane.

According to a spokesman for the St Augustine Police Department, the driver, whose identity has not be released at this time, exited the truck, stripped off his clothes and ran towards the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument where he was stopped by police.

While officers were trying to subdue the driver, he was able to pull free and dive, head-first, over a handrail; landing approximately 14-feet below.

Paramedics stabilized and transported the driver to Flagler Hospital, where the determination was made to airlift him to the trauma unit at Orange Park Medical Center.

Historic City News asked one witness why the driver was running naked along the bayfront and our reporter was told he thought, “The world was coming to an end”.

St Augustine Police public information officer, Mark Samson, informed us this afternoon that the driver is not yet under arrest; however, blood was drawn and sent to Florida Department of Law Enforcement Lab for analysis. Charges are pending the outcome of that analysis as the investigation continues.

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