“Naked playground man” goes back to jail

On April 11, thanks to a reader who snapped a photograph and provided the information to Historic City News by e-mail, 48 year-old St Augustine resident Vincent Emmanuel Tristram, was identified and arrested for indecent exposure — two days later; on Friday 13th.

Tristram, who resides at 4057 Seminole Point Court, was observed by our reader and her son while he was sitting, in the nude, on a swing in the playground of a community recreational park that is located near a school bus stop in the Coronado subdivision on Wildwood Drive.

The day after he was arrested, Tristram was released on $5,500 bail; but, last night, he was returned to custody and is now being held, without bond, on two counts of violation of probation.

In a separate incident, on March 25, 2010, St Augustine police officers arrested Tristram and charged him with indecent exposure and possession of marijuana. He was serving probation at the time of the April 11 incident, thereby violating the terms of his release.

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