National Work Zone Awareness Week

Florida Department of Transportation spokesperson, Laurie Sanderson, announced to Historic City News reporters in St Augustine that April 23 – 27 is “National Work Zone Awareness Week”.

In any given year, there may be as many as 69 fatalities, as there were in 2010, just in Florida work zones; there were an additional 6,064 injuries during the same time.

“St Augustine, and St Johns County, has dozens of work zones active right now,” Sanderson reported. “These zones demand slower speeds and increased awareness of people and equipment moving in the area.”

Committed to improving the safety of state employees and private contractors who work on the roads and highways in the state, the Florida Department of Transportation is providing the following tips when driving through a work zone:

• Be alert – expect anything to occur when entering a work zone.

• Don’t tailgate – unexpected stops frequently occur in work zones.

• Don’t speed – note the posted speed limits in and around the work zones.

• Don’t change lanes in the work zone – any time saved just isn’t worth the chance.

• Minimize distractions – avoid using cell phones while driving in work zones.

• Expect the unexpected – keep an eye out for workers and their equipment.

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