Pardon our dust


A lot of Historic City News readers in St Augustine and St Johns County have asked about their connection to us — either on our website ( or on our facebook ( and this weekend should wrap-up all the remaining issues with those products. — This is the definitive archive of all news articles, editorials, and reader comments for Historic City News. It can also be accessed as

facebook — This is a social media web community where members exchange ideas concerning topics that appear in our “Weekday Issue” publication and reside on the Historic City News website.

We learned that facebook only allows users to accept 5,000 “friends”. With well over 4,000 existing facebook friends, and well over 5,000 opt-in and paid subscribers to Historic City News, not to mention 123,792 average unique users visiting each month, we did not need a calculator to realize we were headed to the maximum capacity of “facebook friends”, and quickly.

Simultaneously, last Thursday, we began the process of moving our future Historic City News posts from our facebook “account” ( to a facebook “page” ( Facebook “accounts” have “friends” (limited to 5,000) — where “pages” have “likes” (currently unlimited).

Since we were addressing capacity issues, we used the opportunity to upgrade our Internet server, which had been hitting some limits of its own. Our new Enterprise Server has the capacity to cover our needs for the near future. Because of the nature of the upgrades and time required to reassign that information on webservers and switches at Internet service providers globally, we have to play a “hurry up and wait” game, for a day or so, while that information makes its way to where it needs to go.

Thanks to our advertisers and financial supporters, who continue to generate the capital needed to make these improvements. Thanks to our readers, for creating an attractive audience that our advertisers want to reach. It’s a team effort that works well for all of us.