Police apprehend attacker of cab driver


This morning at approximately 5:30 a.m., St Augustine police officers were called to Carmelo’s Marketplace at 146 King Street to review surveillance video; captured during an attack against a Yellow Cab driver that occurred in their parking lot only moments before.

The attacker, 22 year-old Eugene Wilson who police say resides in Warner-Robins, Georgia, can be seen beating the cab driver with knee strikes.

The driver manages to escape his cab and runs inside the business, throwing his moneybag over the counter to the clerk on duty. The surveillance footage shows Wilson entering the store behind the victim a short time later; and then chasing him around the store.

According to Mark Samson, Public Information Officer for the St Augustine Police Department, when a second Yellow Cab driver arrived at Carmelo’s, Wilson attacked him, as well. Wilson jumps behind the wheel of the first driver’s cab, and drives off; heading east on King Street — empty-handed.

Later, while officers were still processing the scene at Carmelo’s, patrolman Mike Linsky observed the stolen cab heading west on West King Street at a high rate of speed. The officer began a pursuit.

In his attempt to evade the officer, Wilson missed a curve near North Orange Street, and lost control of the vehicle, striking a telephone pole. St Johns County Fire Rescue responded to the crash scene and discovered that Wilson was pinned inside the stolen cab.

Matthew Sara told Historic City News that there was heavy vehicle damage, one lane road blockage, and the vehicle came to rest just a few feet from a residence.

Fire Rescue responded to find Wilson pinned in the car. Rescue crews had to cut Wilson out of the car, Sara said. Once the collision debris was removed, Wilson was able to climb out of the car on his own.

The patient was transported to Flagler Hospital in stable condition, for treatment of his injuries.

Samson told reporters that Wilson is being charged with two counts of battery, one count of motor vehicle theft, and one count of attempted robbery.


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