Politicians don’t control Historic City News


Just a note to more than 11,000 registered users of historiccity.com and over 5,200 daily subscribers to Weekday Issue who have expressed concern that incumbent political candidates, not endorsed by Historic City News, would use their position to squelch the voice of our reporters, rest assured, that will not be the outcome.

I am privileged to edit our daily news journal without fear or favor. I am not going to be fired if I don’t make one politician or another happy with published news articles, editorial commentary, or correspondence from our readers and advertisers.

The first thing a dictator does as he comes to power is to shut down the free press; thereby controlling the information seen and heard by the people. No one wants to live in a community with only one source of news and Historic City News respects our role in that regard.

Editorially, Historic City News does not view our universe in terms of the color of our reader’s skin. We may not always publish comments that are “politically correct” but we will not be censored by those who subscribe to opinions and politics simply because we disagree.

Thanks for reading.

Michael Gold


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