POLL: What should be done with bayfront carpet golf

St Augustine commissioners want to know if Historic City News readers feel there is greater value in the miniature golf course adjacent to the Municipal Marina on the bayfront or making the area part of an open green space, which could be rented for income-producing events?

Today, Ripley’s Entertainment pays the city $22,500 per year to rent the ticket booth and carpet golf complex.

Because of federal regulations, whoever operates the golf course, either the City or Ripley’s, will have to pay an estimated $50,000 to make necessary accommodations for disabled access.

The only way to avoid the expense would be to change the use of the city-owned property.

Ripley’s says they are willing to front the $50k and keep the course operational; claiming that as recently as December, they sold about 6,000 rounds of miniature golf. In return, they need to renew their lease, which expires September 30. They are asking for five more years, and, if acceptable, an option to extend for one more five year period.

Discussion at the commission table Monday night came from staff comments that the City could demolish the existing golf course, at a cost of about $16,000, and then replant grass at a minimal cost — creating space that could be rented for other functions or events.

The City Commission decided Monday to ask for public input when confronted with deciding whether they should renew a five-year lease to Ripley’s Entertainment.

We set up a free poll for readers to voice their opinion – you can only vote once.

Historic City News asked:

What should be done with the city-owned carpet golf course?

– Let Ripley’s rent carpet golf for five more years
– Let Ripley’s rent carpet golf for five more years with five-year option
– Let City pay $50k ADA upgrade and operate carpet golf themselves
– Let City pay $16k to demolish carpet golf and build green space


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