Race on!

Historic City News was on hand at the St Johns County Supervisor of Elections office in St Augustine at noon today when qualifying week officially ended for county, municipal and local district candidates running for office in 2012.

For the last two hours, the normally quiet office was abuzz with candidates and last minute paper filers; hopeful that they will win the voters confidence before the first round of voting in August.

Party officials with the St Johns County Republican Party, including Chairman Harlan Mason and others, were on hand to be sure that Republican precinct committee men and women had properly completed their paperwork for re-election.

This is only the second time in more than 100 years that St Johns County has elected the entire slate of constitutional officers without opposition. Since no one else entered the race, the Sheriff, Tax Collector, Property Appraiser, Clerk of Court and Supervisor of Elections have all been re-elected and their names will not appear on the ballot. The last time this happened was four years ago; prior to that, it was just after the turn of the century in the early 1900’s.

Likewise, the leaders of the City of St Augustine, Mayor Joseph L. Boles, Jr., and Vice Mayor Leanna S. A. Freeman, drew no opponent; causing them to be re-elected without the need for a single campaign sign.

What voters will get to vote on, in both the August Primary Elections and November General Elections, are an array of other local offices; some of which many voters will have never seen on a ballot — like Republican Precinct Committee man and woman, Republican State Committee man and woman, and several Community Development Districts, as well as a number of Airport Authority, School Board District, Anastasia Mosquito Control Board and, of course, the county commission races.

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