Randy Brunson reports attack on facebook

St Augustine and St Johns County resident, Randy Brunson, a former elected official to the St Augustine Airport Authority and current candidate for election to the St Johns County Board of Commissioners in District 5, was the victim of a cyber-attack this week that took over his facebook and disabled his e-mail account.

“I can’t imagine who would intentionally do such a thing to me,” Brunson reported to Historic City News yesterday afternoon. “I keep in touch with my family, friends and supporters through e-mail and on facebook — it’s hard to conceive why someone would want to do that to me.”

Facebook “friends” is right, too. Brunson has 2461 friends on the popular social media website. Someone claiming to be named, “Mags Bayot”, has taken over Brunson’s account.

The cyber-criminal has hacked into the facebook account and changed the name, e-mail address and profile photograph — then they established a facebook username “andybright12” using a free yahoo e-mail address.

Authorities have been notified of the attack — both facebook and America Online security departments are investigating the source of the attack and tell Brunson that they will prosecute whoever is responsible.

Brunson has established a new e-mail address, with a new password, he told Historic City News. “I hope anyone who gets an e-mail from me that is sent from my old e-mail address will contact me or law enforcement with the information.”

Brunson told Historic City News that his cell phone and store telephone numbers are the safest ways to reach him, or, by e-mail at rfbfla@aol.com.

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