Relative finds woman and two childred shot in home

A Fruit Cove woman and two elementary school aged children have been found; shot to death in their Durbin Crossing home.

The sheriff’s office is telling reporters that there are no signs of forced entry to the home raising questions. The bodies were discovered by a relative who went to check on the family “because of concern for their welfare”.

The woman, whose name has not yet been released, lived on Loveland Place; off Morning Glory Lane North in the Durbin Crossing subdivision.

Sheriff David Shoar, who is on the scene with investigators at this time, is making only brief comments and no statements yet — a full briefing will probably not be available before tomorrow.

Quoted as saying, “there is no reason for community concern” and that they are “not looking for a suspect right now”, raises questions of the possibility of murder-suicide.

There is no word of others who live in the home or if there is a husband to the woman or father to the children.

Public Information Officer Chuck Mulligan has staged media at the entrance to the neighborhood along Durbin Creek and Morning Glory Lane. Mulligan said at 7:00 p.m., “Nothing else until we notify next of kin.”

The initial ground work is being accomplished as of this report. “When we get past some of that, a more complete release will be coming,” Mulligan said.

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