Riverside restaurant menu names may offend

Lola’s Burrito Joint raised local eyebrows with its choice of menu names that some considered offensive, but now the Riverside-area restaurant is getting some national exposure because of the gaffe.

The New York Daily News wrote about the humorous menu names used by the Mexican restaurant a couple of weeks ago.

Menu items like the “Wetback Willie,” which was described as a massive burrito, was the first to raise the ire of critics.

There are other names that some diners also found to be offensive, like “Dirty Sanchez Crab” and “No Papers Shrimp” that were still on the online menu as today.

Despite the concerns, a number of Lola’s diners took to facebook to voice their support for the restaurant, including one who wrote, “If those who are offended by your menu names, don’t eat there, I’m sure there are thousands who can take a laugh or two, that will eat there.”

Others have thanked the restaurateurs for making some changes to the menu.


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