Santas reviews latest book on David Lean

Historic City News readers are invited to attend on Wednesday, October 17 at 7:00 p.m. when Dr Constantine Santas will discuss his latest book “The Epics of David Lean” in the Gamache-Koger Theater of the Ringhaver Student Center at Flagler College.

Lean has been recognized as one of the greatest film directors of all time; known for such classic epic films as “The Bridge on the River Kwai”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Doctor Zhivago” and “A Passage to India”.

“The idea for this book started back in the 1990s,” remembers Santas. “I was drawn by the artistic values of the epics of David Lean, several of which I taught in my film classes regularly.”

Both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have cited Lean as a major source of inspiration in their work.

Santas is professor emeritus and former chair in the Flagler Department of English. He is also the author of “Responding to Film” and “The Epic in Film: from Myth to Blockbuster.”

He credits an ongoing fascination with the epics, as well as the assistance of the Flagler community, with helping him to write the book. “I believed that there were universal values in all the epics, and I was more convinced that this was so as I progressed in my research, considerably aided by the librarians at Flagler College,” he says. “I express my gratitude to them, to my colleagues, and especially to my students at Flagler over the years for keeping the flame alive.”

The reading and discussion will be held in the Gamache-Koger Theater at the Ringhaver Student Center at 50 Sevilla Street. The event is free and open to the public, but seating is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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