Search expanded near McCullough Creek

Early this morning, Historic City News was notified that robbery homicide investigators from St Johns County, Putnam County detectives, specialized K-9 Units from Brevard County, along with recruits from the St Johns River State College Criminal Justice Academy expanded the search near McCullough Creek for additional evidence following the gruesome discovery Sunday of skeletal human remains.

With assistance from District 23 Medical Examiner, Dr. Predag Bulic, investigators believe they have recovered the remains of an adult male. Also located near the remains, a pair of blue shorts with a brown belt, blue long sleeve shirt, a pair of 42-44 sized boxer shorts, a pair of size 10 1/2 men’s shoes and a complete set of upper dentures.

A potential buyer for the remote wooded area in southwest St Johns County made the discovery Sunday. The Medical Examiner attempted, unsuccessfully, to match any of the forensic evidence to that of known missing persons locally; however, surrounding law enforcement agencies have been notified of the incident.

According to Dr. Bulic, the remains recovered are in an advanced stage of decomposition, and may have been exposed to the elements for an extended period — perhaps years. Further forensic examination of the remains will continue and will be expanded as additional physical evidence from the scene is recovered.

No official determination of homicide has been reported. The investigation is continuing.

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