Snapshot: The FSDB and Collins House

The topic of the mediation between the City of St Augustine and the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind is an attempt to settle what the City believes are violations of its building and zoning codes relating to the Collins House.

The building, purchased by the Board of Trustees from Marjorie Collins in November, 1968, is currently in use as a dormitory for honor students and those entered in the schools independent living program.

At the time of the purchase of the Collins home, the Board instructed then president, Dr. William McClure, to “utilize this building and property as a deaf-blind facility” and, after some renovation, it has been used as a residential dormitory that has housed staff members, students and their families at various times.


1969-1970 temporary administrative offices
1971-1978 staff residential housing
1978-1979 half-staff residence, half-student dormitory
1979-1981 honor student dormitory
1982-1983 staff residence
1983-1984 vacant
1985-2009 honor and residential dorm and parent apartments
2010-2011 closed for renovation

In 2012, Collins House was reopened

The structure is built on the last lot on the northeast end of Nelmar Avenue before the marsh.

Photo credits: © 2012 Historic City News staff photographer



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