Squire sentenced to 10 years for robbery attempt

In court for a pre-trial hearing Tuesday, Historic City News reporters learned that 27 year-old Alan Everett Squire who resided at 70 Washington Street in St Augustine, pled guilty then was sentenced to 10 years in prison for attempted robbery of the T-11 convenience store located at 52 San Marco Avenue.

Klare Ly, Director of Public Affairs for the District 7 State Attorney’s Office, provided Historic City News with copies of the complaints and affidavits collected during the investigation of the robbery.

St Augustine Police Officer Barbara Stevens responded to the robbery call at 6:47 a.m. December 10, 2011.

Shortly after Stevens was able to broadcast a description of the robber, Police Sergeant Brandon Embrey and Officer Collins noticed Squire riding a white bicycle in the area of the police department at the intersection of King Street and Malaga Street.

Squire matched the description given, but he stood out to the officers because he “smelled of coffee and had wet spots on his shirt that appeared to be coffee,” according to the incident report.

A witness from the store was taken to the police department; they were able to identify Squire as the man who previously entered the convenience store and demanded money.

According to officer and witness statements, one of the victims was sitting behind the counter drinking coffee when Squire entered and demanded cash. When the first victim did not immediately react, he again yelled, “Give me the money”.

Instead of opening the registers, the victim grabbed the phone and gave it to the second victim, who called 9-1-1.

In the frightening moments that followed, Squire continued to order the cashier to open the money drawer; then, at one point, the victim threw her coffee at him and splashed him in the face.

Squire reportedly got angry and started throwing shelves off the counter. He picked up a plastic three-tier shelf and slammed it on the victim’s right hand. Stevens wrote that she observed bruising to the victim’s palm in her report.

Witnesses said Squire walked around the counter and continued to scream for money and throw items and would not leave until he saw a customer approaching the store.

The store was under surveillance and the entire incident was captured on video by store security cameras.

Squire damaged about $300 worth of merchandise while he was inside the store.

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