St Augustine Shores under boil-water advisory

A break in an 8-inch water main caused the St Johns County Utility Department to issue a precautionary boil water advisory for St Augustine Shores, according to an announcement received by Historic City News.

All water used for cooking, drinking, making ice, brushing teeth or washing dishes should be boiled under the notice. It is recommended to bring the water to a rolling boil for one minute or to use bottled water instead.

The boil water notice will stay in effect until lab tests show the water is safe to drink and the county issues a retraction, which is a minimum of two days. It is anticipated the boil water notice will be retracted Friday, August 17th around 10 a.m.

At least 200 residences are impacted by the break.

The area affected includes residences on the following streets:

•Alcala Drive
•Alcira Court
•Aledo Court
•Antara Drive
•Andalusia Court
•Aurora Avenue
•Bahia Court
•Bahia Drive
•Beba Lane
•Biscay Boulevard
•Campina Street
•Cartagena Court
•Castania Court
•Castano Street
•Casuarina Circle
•Catalonia Court
•Christina Court
•Christina Drive (East of Shores Blvd.)
•Cortez Boulevard
•Deva Lane
•East Bianca Circle
•Espaco Lane
•Espinado Avenue
•Gilda Drive (East of Shores Blvd.)
•Kelley Lane
•Madruga Avenue
•Medina Avenue
•Medina Court
•Mentone Street
•Mindello Avenue
•Navarra Court
•Nervia Court
•Palos Court
•Rio Court
•Romano Street
•Saco Court
•Salzedo Avenue
•San Bruno Street
•San Remo Road
•Santiago Court
•Sardina Street
•300-485 Shores Boulevard
•Solo Court
•Talavera Court
•Tarragona Court
•Travino Avenue
•Veronese Court

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