St Augustine Tea Party re-elects officers


At this week’s regular meeting of the St Augustine Tea Party, Secretary Esther Miller conducted the annual election in accordance with the bylaws of the group; which calls for officers to be elected on the second Tuesday of July.

The organization’s treasurer, Lance Thate, told Historic City News that there were a “larger than usual” number of first time persons attending the meeting at the Village Inn on July 10, 2012.

Miller reported that 7 new membership applications were received. She added that interest in St Augustine Tea Party is the result of growing concern over “the decline of the Country” and the failure of the existing political parties to address the issues.

Thate, who heads the Town Crier Committee, believes the increased visibility of his group, with their period-specific costumes, flags and political signs, handing out free copies of the Constitution of the United States, should continue to attract even more members.

It was announced that to counter the summer heat, the Town Crier Committee will change its Saturday activities from noon to late afternoon and early evening.

David Heimbold, Chairman of the St Augustine Tea Party, recalled that the former Republican leadership within the group, resisted bylaws that “gave any power to the membership”.

David Heimbold, Chairman, Lance Thate, Treasurer, and Esther Miller, Secretary were each re-elected for another term without opposition.


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