State House District 17: Mike Davis

Upon the retirement of Bill Proctor from what was District 20, and with new district lines drawn through reapportionment, in the Republican Primary Election, three candidates vie to face Rebecca Sue Sharp and write-in candidate Angela Casey in November, when this race will be decided.

Doc Renuart has been active in the St Johns County Republican Party, as has Kim Kendall. They are each persuasive speakers and each will bring their own talents and capabilities to the office, if elected.

We like having a medical professional in the House, if for no other reason than to keep all the trial lawyers in check. Too bad Doc is outnumbered.

We also note that Kendall has taken an interest in allowing nurse practitioners to perform to their level of training; providing alternative, lower cost options for basic medical care. Bravo.

As we discussed how St Johns County could best be represented, our choice was Mike Davis.

We have consistently supported Bill Proctor in his re-election bids, and Bill has endorsed Mike — which is a good place to start.

Davis presides over a third-generation local business that has built a rock-solid reputation for quality, service and integrity; attributes that we could use a little more of in Tallahassee. He has shown that he can make tough calls, even sacrifices, for the good of the whole — not just the one.

We like the fact that Davis is not “driven” to politics; he is truly offering himself for a few years for the betterment of our community, in our opinion. He is a family man, a successful businessman, and we feel he has his priorities straight.

Davis confronted one of St Augustine’s most visible social problems, homelessness. He was able to build coalitions, persisted when other surrendered, and he has shepherded Home Again St Johns from vision to reality in a few short years. We like how Davis decisively separated “homeless” issues from “panhandling” issues at a time when the city was quickly becoming a Riviera of sorts for bums and freeloaders.

We wholeheartedly support Mike Davis for House Seat 17.

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