Tech issues may be resolved

Many Historic City News readers have come to expect our regular features, like weekly marriage licenses, divorces and money judgments, and have found a variety of uses for the names and addresses for new businesses opening in St Johns County.

In April, we hit a snag. Well, the tax collector’s office hit a snag. Due to a change in the process used to gather business tax information, we discovered that the source was no longer being updated.

We have been working closely with the tax collector, Dennis Hollingsworth, his staff and IT manager, over the past eight weeks, and, with substantially only one change, we think we have a solution at hand.

Today we published the May 2012 new business tax information; and, we are told, June 2012 information will be available in a few days.

The change will be the distribution frequency of the information to our readers. Where we previously reported the new business information weekly, in the future, we will have access to the information monthly.

We are still working out the report format and will do our best to come up with something as good, or better, than we had. Thanks for your patience during this transition. Know that everyone is on the same page and motivated to get this important business information to our readers as quickly and accurately as possible.


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