Teen jailed for domestic battery


According to an arrest report obtained by Historic City News, a St Augustine teenager went to jail yesterday after illegal drug use led to a violent domestic disturbance that deputies say left the 48 year-old victim with several cuts on his head, and his face, arm, and t-shirt covered in blood.

Before lunch on July 4th, the victim took 19 year-old Wade Dunham Hirschman to his truck; which had been parked on Green Acres Road near SR-16.

Deputy Bray Taylor reported that before Hirschman got behind the wheel of his truck, he told the victim “that he wanted to take another hit of marijuana”. The victim told Deputy Taylor that he took Hirschman’s keys to prevent him from driving while he was impaired.

Without further explanation, Hirschman attacked — striking the victim repeatedly in the head, the report said.

During questioning by the deputy, Hirschman admitted that the events described by the victim “were accurate”; however, Hirschman added that the victim struck him first and that “he didn’t know what to do” so he started hitting him back.

Despite his obvious injuries, the victim refused medical treatment. The victim was given a domestic violence rights packet and signed a victim notification card, but, in his sworn affidavit, the victim wrote that he would not pursue charges against the teen and refused to complete a domestic violence threat assessment worksheet. Deputy Taylor reported that Hirschman had “no visible injuries”.

Hirschman was arrested and charged with domestic battery then booked into the St Johns County Detention Facility; where he remained until posting a $1000 appearance bond earlier today.


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