Temporary injunction against Commissioner Jones

A temporary injunction was granted in St Johns County Court on Thursday by Judge John Alexander on the petition of a Jacksonville woman who has accused St Augustine City Commissioner Errol Jones of “repeated violence” against her.

Veronda Luckett, a woman who says she knows Jones from working in St Augustine, made the allegations against the commissioner just 9 days after adjudication was withheld in a misdemeanor trial where the jury found Jones guilty of obstructing a St Augustine City Police officer, without violence.

After language in the charging affidavit was criticized in court as “less than stellar” by Judge Charles Tinlin, a second complaint that Jones tampered with a witness in the misdemeanor proceeding, was dropped by prosecutor Benjamin Rich.

On Friday, an emergency ex-parte motion filed through Jones’ attorney, was granted to modify the temporary injunction; allowing Jones to attend meetings within St Augustine City Hall.

An injunction hearing has been set for Wednesday, April 11th at 8:15 a.m. in Courtroom 351 before Judge Alexander.

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