The Record mislead Republican voters

The Record mislead Republican voters

Liliana Kurpanik
St Augustine

Dear Editor:

I would like to set straight the inaccuracies printed about me today in a St Augustine Record article by reporter Peter Guinta, titled “State committee elections pit Tea Party candidates against mainstream GOP candidates”.

I was never the Secretary of the St Augustine Tea Party, St Johns Tea Party, The People’s Tea Party, or any other Tea Party organization.

I also have not been a board member of any of the aforementioned.

The quote attributed to me by The Record was lifted from my facebook fan page and I did not post it on the St Augustine Tea Party website, as Guinta reported.

I do not have administrative privileges on the Tea Party websites.

I admire the grassroots enthusiasm of the Tea Party and I have attended Tea Party meetings when they have a speaker who might interest me.

I am the President of the Republican Women’s Club of St Johns County, having served in that capacity for nearly 2 years. Prior to that, I was the Treasurer of the club. We are part of the Florida Women’s Political Network; affiliated with the National Republican Women’s Network.

I am a Republican Precinct Committeewoman and a member of the St Johns County Republican Executive Committee, a team member of Maggie’s List, and part of the 54% Vote Project.

I do not like to be misrepresented in the newspaper or to have my words misquoted or attributed to inaccurate sources.

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