Thieves recently use smash-and-grab tactics

Law enforcement officials are urging Historic City News readers and visitors to help fight crime by removing valuables from their parked vehicles; whether in congested parking lots, isolated along the beach highway, or even in your driveway at home.

“Over one recent weekend, we had at least 13 smash-and-grab incidents; where valuables were left in plain sight inside locked vehicles,” Flagler County Sheriff Donald W Fleming told Palm Coast News reporters. “Thieves smashed out car windows in order to grab the purses, wallets, bags or whatever else they could see inside.”

Other interstate communities throughout Northeast Florida, including St Johns, Putnam and Duval counties, are experiencing this increase in car burglaries as well. According to published incident reports, the criminals are frequently targeting vehicles parked at restaurants and shopping areas.

“Three vehicles were burglarized Saturday night during a dance recital at Flagler Auditorium,” the sheriff told reporters.

In order to avoid falling victim to this “crime of opportunity”, the best practice is to always remove bags, packages, luggage purses, or anything else that might be of value, whenever you park your car, truck or van.

Thieves recently targeted cars in Flagler County with visible laptops, cell phones and checkbooks; according to an alert received by Historic City News last week. A sheriff’s spokesman reported that these incidents occurred at beachfront parks as well as along roads with oceanfront parking.

“Whether you are parking at your home or in a public place, if you are going out to eat, or to do a little shopping, take these extra steps,” Fleming urged. “We need everyone’s help in combatting crime in our community.”

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