Three arrested at motel meth lab

St Johns County Sheriff’s Corporal, Catherine Payne, alerted local Historic City News reporters, that when deputies arrived at Motel 8, following up on a tip that a “wanted man” was on the property, they stumbled right into a clandestine methamphetamine lab; leading to three felony arrests.

The deputies approached the second story room at the Motel 8, located at 2550 SR-16 in St Augustine, and then knocked on the door. When the occupant opened the door, officers entered the room to secure the fugitive, 26-year-old David Bryan Green; who resides at 3480 Green Acres Road in St Augustine.

While inside the room, deputies observed the components of an active methamphetamine lab.

The Sheriff’s Clandestine Lab Enforcement Team responded to the scene and safely secured the premises and took all three occupants of the room into custody and transported them to the county jail.

Following their first appearance hearings Friday morning, 33-year-old Geoffrey Scott Carter, who resides at 468 Wellwood Lane in Palm Coast, remains in custody in lieu of $71,000 bond — as does 26-year-old John Daniel McLeod, who resides at 42 Bunker View Drive in Palm Coast. Both men are charged with five-counts each of drug production, possession, and possession of drug equipment.

Green is being held in the St Johns County Detention Facility in St Augustine, without bond, for probation violation and failure to appear and is now also facing five additional drug production, possession, and possession of drug equipment charges.

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