Three teens arrested for 17 vehicle break-ins

Historic City News in St Augustine was notified today of a three-suspect round-up in connection with a large amount of car burglaries that have occurred over the past few days in the Royal St Augustine area.

The three suspects, identified as Matthew Francis Shenett, 19, 2931 N. Sixth St., his girlfriend, Christina Alexis Fowler, 19, 1616 Hibiscus St., along with Robert Christopher Clark, 17, 4 McWilliams St., were each charged with 17 Counts of car burglary, 16 counts of petit theft, and eight counts of criminal mischief.

Shenett was also charged with two counts of credit card fraud.

The three suspects are accused of entering the Royal St Augustine neighborhood between 1:00 and 5:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. The suspects attempted to enter every vehicle in the neighborhood and those that were unlocked they allegedly removed any items of value to include GPS and I-Pods.

The suspects also entered some vehicles by smashing a window to obtain property.

Shenett remains in the St. Johns County Jail on bonds totaling $55,500 and Fowler remains in jail on bonds totaling $54,500. Clark will be turned over to Juvenile Justice Authorities.

Some of the property has been recovered as detectives continue the investigation.

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