We are still in the United States, right?

Can someone remind me exactly when it was that we decided you have to have a permit to display an American flag in this country?

Was it before or after we decided that we have to “press 1 for English”?

As a nation, we seem to have forsaken everything that our founders had in mind when they envisioned the experiment in democracy.

We are free to express ourselves — unless, of course, that expression is to display the official flag of the United States atop the Bridge of Lions — unless, of course, we are also willing to give equal time to every other nation in the world.

The United States flag is more than a “content neutral” piece of cloth. It represents everything that makes our country what it is — just as the flags of other nations represent their countries. After all, men and women have gone to war and given their lives for the right to hoist those colors in this land.

Before there was a Department of Transportation, there was a United States flag. I am not surprised that our nation’s founders said nothing requiring the people to ask the government for permission to fly it.

Do you think the Florida Department of Transportation would have me arrested if I attached an American flag to “their” bridge?

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