US Senator hopeful will address local Tea Party

The Saint Augustine Tea Party announced to Historic City News that they would host Marielena Stuart at the regular membership meeting this Tuesday, May 22, at the Village Inn located at 900 North Ponce de Leon Boulevard.

Together with her family, Stuart opposed and survived the ravages of Communism under Fidel Castro. She knows the price that is paid when freedom is lost.

“Marielena Stuart is a freedom fighter and a patriot,” Chairman Dave Heimbold told reporters. “She is running in the Republican Primary and then hopes to replace Democrat Senator Bill Nelson in the General Election.”

From an early age, the speaker learned to defend her God-given rights while members of her family were imprisoned, tortured, and executed.

She knows, first hand, that a socialist leaning government has a devastating effect on economic growth and job creation. As socialism grows in our government, our individual freedoms are being taken away.

That is why Stuart believes in open and transparent economic development. She believes that less taxes and a strong private sector are the best ways for America to regain its economic strength.

The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday and will provide the audience a chance to hear her amazing story first hand. Both members and non-members are invited to attend at no cost.

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