Vehicle strikes patrol car – sends two to hospital

About 7:00 pm this evening, Historic City News reporters arrived at the scene of a collision between a passenger vehicle and a St Johns County patrol car on US-1 near Moultrie Bluff.

From information gathered at the crash, the civilian, whose name has not yet been released, was traveling southbound on US-1 and intended to turn left onto Vail Point Road.

Instead, the vehicle crossed in front of oncoming traffic and struck, broadside, Deputy Shawn Emert and on the driver’s side of the patrol car he was operating. The collision delivered enough force to spin the patrol vehicle 360 degrees. It came to rest across the median.

Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the collision. According to one officer at the crash site, both the deputy and passenger car driver were transported to Flagler Hospital — the extent of their injuries is yet unknown.

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