Victim identified in police shooting last night

DAVID B SHOARSt Johns County Sheriff David B Shoar informed reporters at Historic City News that the 46 year-old, white female victim of last night’s fatal shooting was Andrea Michelle Sheldon; who resided with her husband, 47 year-old Rick Sheldon, on Lot 71 at 2900 CR-214.

“Four deputy sheriffs are on paid administrative leave while Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents investigate the circumstances around the shooting,” Shoar said.

Sgt. Glen Lappe, was the ranking officer involved. He is a 22 year-veteran of the sheriff’s office and this is his first officer-involved shooting incident.

Dep. Michael Williams, has served 12 years, Dep. Scott Stokes, has served 9 years and Dep. Cameron Coward has served 8 years. This is the first shooting incident for each of them, as well.

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