This is war on the City of St Augustine

Historic City News reporters listened last night as community activist Melinda Rakoncay addressed the City Commission, members of the audience and residents with an impassioned plea to fight against building practices by the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind that do not comply with local codes.

Rakoncay, who is president of the Nelmar Terrace Neighborhood Association, came to the meeting Monday night to hear the first public reporting on the progress of confidential mediation between the school and the City.

Also on the agenda, a resolution from the commission expressing unified objection to House Bill 1039, filed by Representative Bill Proctor, which, if passed, would give the school protection from city zoning laws by vesting all of its current projects and allowing them the power to take private property through the legal process of eminent domain.

“A resolution is great,” Rakoncay said. “But, more has got to be done than a resolution.”

Listen to Rakoncay’s presentation HERE.

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