Will third-time logo be the charm?


Moving forward with another $40,000 in funding approved by the St Augustine City Commission, the 450th commemoration has established, and is promoting, yet another 450th Commemoration brand — many are wondering if the “third time will be the charm”.

In January, Jennifer Zuberer, 450th Communications and Resources Manager, joined staff consultant, Charlie Seraphin, with coaxing from City Manager John Regan, and together they convinced the five commissioners to give them the money to continue their quest.

This is the third version of the 450th logo and will be the fourth website makeover.

The $40,000 budget includes a $13,800 allowance for a “research-based study” to create a cleaner logo and secondary merchandising logo. Another $11,100 is being spent to retool the city’s 450th Commemoration website. The City will spend $14,500 for a new facebook page and further social media marketing. Finally, $1,600 will be spent for the development of unspecified commemoration merchandise — presumably something upon which to put the new “brand”.

Seraphin has been hired specifically to generate what has proven to be elusive revenue to recoup the seemingly endless flow of red ink associated with the 450th celebration.

Last month, the new facebook was created at http://facebook.com/450th